SMIC Backend Service

SMIC Backend Service

  • Bumping & WLP

    SMIC cooperate with world-class OSAT to offer 200mm and 300mm wafer bumping and Wafer Level Packaging (WLP), including solder bump, copper pillar bump, redistribution layer (RDL), WLCSP processing and Die Processing Services (DPS).

  • Assembly

    SMIC cooperates with world-class OSATs to offer wire-bonding and flip chip packaging to meet various requirements from customers.

  • Testing Service

    SMIC offers Wafer Probing and Final Test Services. Test platform includes J750 series, iFlex, ultra Flex, V93K, Pinscale series, D10/DX, V5400, T5375/5377, T5830 and others.

  • On-Chip Color Filter

    Toppan SMIC Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. provides On-chip Color Filter (OCF), Micro Lens’ design and manufacturing service.

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