Backend Turnkey Service

Backend Turnkey Service

SMIC offers comprehensive services from wafer manufacturing to finish goods IC to customers.


SMIC cooperates with world-class OSAT (Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test) to offer more comprehensive services for customer requirements, including Wafer Bumping, Wafer Level Package, Chip Scale Package, Conventional Package,  Testing and On-chip Color Filter services.

Benefits of SMIC Turnkey Service

Experienced One-Stop Management

20 years experience of one-stop Turnkey service

More than 10 million wafers TK management experience

Integrated quality system

Strong quality control till assembly with fab criteria

One-stop quality solution for customer

Diversified Supply chain

Manage more than 20 OSATs, including mainstream suppliers and process solutions

Low cost solution or Tier 1 OSAT cooperation offered

Optimized technical solutions

Total Technical Solutions for platform and product verification with Fast Ramp

Systematic CPI risk assessment and verification process

Flexible business model

Flexible Turnkey Model choices

Flexible price solutions and inventory management

Feasible Production Plan

Seamless Planning System. Flexible Capacity Arrangement from foundry to OSATs

Simplified Logistic flow. Competitive production and logistic cycle time

Backend Turnkey Service Partner

If you have backend requirement, please contact SMIC Sales Team.

SMIC Backend Service