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SMIC and CYIT Successfully Manufacture 0.13um 3G Handset Chips

12 Oct 2005

Shanghai  [2005-10-12]

(SHANGHAI, China - 2005-10-12) Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (''SMIC''; NYSE: SMI; HKSE: 981) has successfully used its 0.13um process to manufacture 3G handset chips developed by Chongqing Chongyou Information Technology Co., Ltd. ("CYIT"). While most domestic design companies are developing 3G handsets based on 0.18um manufacturing, the 0.13um process is the most advanced technology currently being used in China to manufacture handset chips. As 3G TD-SCDMA chips represent the forefront of domestic handset chip technology, CYIT's breakthrough design using the 0.13um process affirms the company's grasp of cutting-edge TD-SCDMA technology.

"To successfully manufacture the 3G handset chips using SMIC's 0.13um technology in such a short period of time demonstrates SMIC's technological prowess. We look forward to further collaboration with SMIC in the volume production of these chips," said Jianhong Zheng, Vice-President of CYIT.

"It is an honor for SMIC to partner with a leading 3G TD-SCDMA handset company like CYIT. The combination of CYIT's 3G handset expertise and SMIC's advanced 0.13um process technology enables domestic 3G handsets to take another step toward commercialization and full-flow domestic production," said Ning Hsieh, Vice-President of Marketing & Sales at SMIC.

Improving upon previous generations of handset technology whose functions were limited by low bandwidths, 3G handsets use broadband that accommodates web-based applications such as video conferencing, digital photography and video, and internet access. The success of CYIT's chips using SMIC's wafer manufacturing represents an important advance in China's 3G handset technology.

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SMIC (NYSE: SMI, SEHK: 0981.HK) is one of the leading semiconductor foundries in the world, providing integrated circuit (IC) manufacturing at 0.35-micron to 0.11-micron and finer line technologies to customers worldwide. Established in 2000, SMIC has four 8-inch wafer fabrication facilities in volume production in Shanghai and Tianjin. In the first quarter of 2005, SMIC commenced commercial production at its 12-inch wafer fabrication facility in Beijing. SMIC also maintains customer service and marketing offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, and a representative office in Hong Kong. As part of its dedication towards providing high-quality services, SMIC has achieved ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, OHSAS18001, TL9000, BS7799 and ISO14001 certifications. For additional information, please visit