Tape Out/Assembly/Testing

Tape Out/Assembly/Testing

Full Mask NTO (New Tape-Out Service)


Customer Engineering team serves as one of the main customer contact windows.


Provides customers with comprehensive technical support to match SMIC’s manufacturing processes.


Ensures completion of the entire manufacturing process according to customers’ demands and product requirements.


Coordinates with sales, TD, maskshop, fab PIE and other departments to improve the whole tapeout operations and to improve overall customers’ satisfaction.

MPW (Multi-Project Wafer Service)

The SMIC Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) program provides customers a cost-effective prototyping service by enabling multiple customers and projects to share a set of common masks and engineering wafers.

For more detail information, please reference to Multi-Project Wafer Service

Turnkey Services

SMIC Turnkey Services provide a full line of back-end supply chain management to deliver a complete suite of wafer sort, wafer bumping, packaging & assembly, CIS service and final test services. This network is composed of leading service providers who are qualified at SMIC, according to customer’s requirements

For more detail information, please reference to Turnkey Services